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My New Story

A Creative Self-Healing Course

The intention for this course is to inspire you to connect with you present self and to document a "NEW STORY." At times we can become stuck in old patterns and habits, constantly going through the same cycle of emotions that are all part of a story we have created about ourselves. This old story can keep us from growing and evolving and the more we tell this story to ourselves, the more we believe it because stories are powerful.


This course will help you craft your "NEW STORY" which will be the product of your hearts desires, your vision, your intentions, and your love. Your new story will begin to take shape as you create space, ask the Universe for guidance and unfold into a Practice of I AM Affirmations with Artist Nichole Rae.


This practices within this course will bring healing, guidance, and inspiration to your life and is also the foundation FOR YOU to begin your own daily practice.

What's Inside?

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 Guided Video Lessons

Learn with Artist Nichole Rae through 4 video lessons where she will walk you through the foundational practices she has developed including I AM affirmations, For-give journaling, and Guidance journaling.

My New Story Guide Mockup.png

33 Page Digital Guide

Download your own copy of Artist Nichole Rae's 33 page guide full of beautiful photos and instruction to support you as you work through the video course.

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Printable Worksheets

Printable worksheets accompany your lessons and can be used as you begin to develop your own daily practice using the tools you learn in this course.


"Artist Nichole Rae has become a teacher, guide, and inspiration to

me. She has helped me to become more self aware through writing and

speaking "I AM" affirmations. She has guided me through heavy times with her "I for-give + release" practices. Her practices have transformed the way I see and live my life."


"I was able to become more

aware of my feelings and express

them on paper.


I will be keeping a daily journaling

practice using these practices I

have learned from Artist Nichole Rae."

"I had such a good time learning from you. I connected with the practice of "I Forgive + Release" and found it very useful! Thank you!

I've been really struggling in my marriage lately and that was one of the things I FOR+GAVE... low and behold I got an encouraging message from my husband right after the workshop."

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The stories that we tell ourselves

are powerful..

My New Story Self Guided Online Course

Are you tired of...

  • feeling stuck in the same thought and feeling patterns?

  • listening to and believing an old story about yourself?

  • giving power to your fears and self doubt?

Are you ready to...

  • begin a simple daily practice that will heal your old story?

  • learn intuitive tools to become more self-compassionate?

  • create a new story rooted in self-love and acceptance?


What will I learn?

You will learn how a daily practice of forgiving and releasing old thought patterns and affirming new desired ones is a cornerstone of making your new life story a reality.  

You will learn how to create your own daily practice and discover what practices work best for your unique lifestyle.

You will experience the therapeutic function of journaling and learn that taking the time to do so makes all the difference. 

You will receive guidance and affirmations for each lesson directly from Artist Nichole Rae's own daily practice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Your Instructor

Artist Nichole Rae is a guide and teaches the Art of Daily Practice, a healing arts practice. She has been creating for over 15 years and has a self-taught background in art journaling and mixed media book arts. She has been practicing for 5+ years in metaphysical healing and using creative journaling and affirmation practices to inspires one's creative spirit and connect one to their present self. Her work focuses on creating space to bring inspiration, healing and guidance into your life and cultivate the vision you carry within. She is passionate about beginning with you and cultivating a daily practice that you can carry with you. Nichole has been a regular guest on the ND Today Show sharing her practices, has a collection of creative tools, leads workshops, 1:1 sessions and has been part of many community events. Nichole carries the words "Create What You Most Need To Find" and today she is here to begin a creative daily practice with you.

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