10 Proven Ways to Grow Your Wealth

Do you wish you had more money, success, or wealth? Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, has sold over 100 million copies of this book… you clearly aren’t alone! The best way to uncover wealth is by analyzing those who have achieved the impossible. Napoleon Hill researched the methods of the 500 most successful people of his time, the highlights of his findings are captured below.

1. Burning desire

2. Goal setting and detailed planning

3. Unwavering faith in yourself

4. Auto-suggestion: Influence your own thoughts by thinking specific and purposeful

5. 3 Factors of knowledge (present you, future you, and those around you)

6. Creative and synthetic imagination

7. Self-awareness

8. Positive mentality

9. Determination

10. Persistence

Simply wishing to become wealthier is not considered a burning desire. When thinking of burning desire, think of Thomas Edison. After years of dedication and failing over 10,000 times, he eventually achieved his goal of inventing the light bulb. With years of failure, it’s safe to say that he exemplified a burning desire.

When you have that burning desire for something, the next step is to set specific goals and create a detailed plan. Instead of having a general goal to become wealthier, set your goal secure (amount of money you want to make) per year. The more specific, the better, have a clear understanding of when you want to achieve your goal and what you’re willing to do to achieve it. Once that goal is determined, it’s important to create an action plan that outlines each step in order to achieve that goal. Behind every successful story is a thought-out and detailed plan.

The actionable challenge for burning desire, goal setting, and detailed planning: Anchor your desire for success by writing down a specific goal and a detailed plan to achieve it. Every morning and evening read it aloud for at least one week...reflect on how your own thoughts and actions have been impacted during that week and continue to read it aloud twice every day.

To be successful, you must have unwavering faith in yourself. Your self-confidence, self-image, and your way of your life are all influenced by the trust you have in yourself. So, how does one develop this unwavering faith? Auto-suggestion. Auto-suggestion means to influence yourself by thinking specific and purposeful thoughts and ideas, to imprint your subconscious mind. In other words, by persuading yourself and taking control of the inner voice in your head, your subconscious will align your thoughts with actions, setting you one step closer to your goal. A good example of this is the expression, “fake it till you make it.” Unwavering faith in yourself is a trait that can be developed with auto-suggestion, time, and practice.

When it comes to growing your wealth or success, knowledge is power. This book highlights multiple components around knowledge along with surrounding yourself with smart people. First, knowledge is composed of the right experiences. It doesn’t necessarily mean what you learned in school or how many facts you can recall at any given time, knowledge is growth from exposure. Secondly, knowledge reflects your willingness to continue to learn. Being complacent is a human flaw, it’s important for everyone to continue learning whether that’s through a university, workshop, practical experiences, etc. Lastly, knowledge is equally obtained by knowing where you can find the right information. It’s impossible for you to know everything, but if you know who to ask then you are at an advantage. To achieve your goals, you must embody these different components of knowledge. Hill also emphasizes the requirement of being smart and surrounding yourself with smart people. Mutual backing from an intelligent group is the best way to excel at your goal.

Behind your goal is a dream that stemmed from your imagination. There are two different types of imagination, creative and synthetic. Creative imagination is when you come up with/invent (create) something new. Synthetic imagination is when you rearrange old ideas into new combinations, such as adjusting a recipe you found online. These two types of imagination can work hand in hand together, increasing the productivity of achieving your goal.

The actionable challenge for your imagination: Treat your imagination like a muscle, stimulate it and keep it active. The more you use it, the stronger and more powerful it will be. What can you do to challenge and grow your imagination this week?

After studying the methods of the most successful people, Hill found synergies between certain characteristics and traits of those 500 subjects.

· Know your strengths and weaknesses

· Positive emotions are a major component of a successful life, feed your subconscious positive thoughts so it will act as a helpful and constructive guide

· Lack of determination was found to be a key driver for failing to achieve success

· Allow persistence and endurance to help you overcome the guaranteed obstacles you

will face, do not be influenced by negative opinions

The actionable challenge for identifying your strengths and weaknesses: Come up with 5 questions about yourself. For example, “Do I communicate clearly?” “How do I react in stressful situations?” or “Do I set realistic goals?” -Write down your answers for your self-analysis, then ask the person closest to you to answer the same questions on your behalf. Have a candid conversation about your strengths and areas for improvement.

Whether you are searching for personal growth or success, Think and Grow Rich offers all the secrets of those who have made it big. Based on real people with true success stories, Hill provides validated research that will help you grow your wealth, along with any other dreams.

If you haven’t yet read the hard copy of this book, the audio version has the latest updates.

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