A Pretty Weighted Blanket & Better Sleep

Updated: Mar 12

My new favorite new comfort item is the Bearaby Tree Napper blanket. In a world where we are seeking comfort from the uncertainty of living through a pandemic, a weighted blanket is a handy tool to have in your arsenal.

Several months ago I started having trouble getting a good night’s rest. A global pandemic, schools and restaurants being forced to close and the uncertainty of when or if our world was ever going to go back to normal was most certainly the culprit. I was waking up several times a night and could not get through a single night without these frustrating episodes and it was making getting through each day very difficult. While I could get by with functioning on little sleep in my twenties, being in my forties now, well let’s just say it was an entirely different matter.

I heard from a friend that weighted blankets were supposed to help alleviate anxiety and sleeping disorders, so I did some research. I found a lot of great reviews from people stating that it helped them get better sleep and feel less anxious. Apparently weighted blankets help you feel more secure by adding a deep touch pressure to your body. To me it seems like the same concept as swaddling a baby or tucking in your kids in at night. It made sense to me so I took the plunge and made my purchase. Anything to help me sleep better!

I chose the Bearaby Cotton Napper from West Elm. Honestly, I chose it for aesthetic reasons as I believe that fashion and function can go hand in hand. Plus I am a huge fan of West Elm. When I received the blanket, I was very impressed with the quality of the cotton, the construction of the weave and the beautiful presentation. I felt calmer already!

What I found after using the blanket was that it felt good to sleep with and it did help me sleep longer without waking up. Hallelujah! It didn’t totally cure my waking up problem, but it lessened it significantly which has been a huge relief. I am waking up fewer times throughout the night and in this crazy world of uncertainty I will take a little win any day of the week.

You can find the Bearaby Tree Napper online or in stores at West Elm. If you are looking for a less expensive option I have included some highly rated options on Amazon as well. It is not as pretty, but I bet that it will get the job done!

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