An Illuminating Discovery - Epiphany Essential Oil

Updated: Aug 19

Having an epiphany is an exciting moment. There is nothing more frustrating than when you have a major decision to make and you lack clarity on what to do. NYT's best selling author Gabby Bernstein talks a lot about the importance of being clear on what you desire. She says "Certainty clears the path for what you desire. Think it. Feel it. Believe it."

Getting clear on what you want can be hard at times. Sometimes the stakes are high, the options too many (or too few) and in some cases we may not be in tune with our true desire. The good news is that there are tools that can help us gain the clarity we need. One method that we have found useful is meditating and doing so with an essential oil is even better.

One of our favorite new brands is Thght Snctry. They are a North American company using only organic or wildcrafted oils that are harvested ethically. Their Epiphany Oil infuses lemurian quartz with an awakening blend of plant essences that help inspire feelings of clarity, creativity and focus. Zing!

Essential Oils - Best Essential Oil To Gain Clarity. Essential oils for meditating. Thght Snctry.

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