Arming Myself To Deal With Adversity

Updated: Aug 4

I love this Warrior tank top from Spiritual Gangster. It reminds me that I am strong and that I can face whatever it is that life throws at me. Jim Rohn said “Be grateful for adversity, for it forces the human spirit to grow - for surely, the human character is formed not in the absence of difficulty but in our response to difficulty."

Learning and accepting that adversity is a natural part of life and an opportunity to become a better person is one of the handful of lessons that has been life changing for me. I grew up in a family where being a victim meant you got all the attention. It's a natural response to focus on something that needs to be fixed or someone that needs help. The intentions came from a good place and I would not want to live in a society where people didn't have the basic instinct to help others. But there is a point where this becomes counter productive and actually harmful. I saw how victimization ended up being debilitating for those - that for one reason or another got sucked in that cycle. I had an aversion to this mentality even as a young child. It felt deflating and frustrating because instead of focusing on how to overcome something, the problem or the cause was always the focus.

Unpacking how this dynamic developed in my family would take too long and bore you to death. It was well intentioned, but like they say "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". The point is, that I learned to buck this mentality and forged through, finding my own solutions and ways to push myself through and out of difficult times. I asked for help when I really needed it and also did the hard work of getting though it. Accepting that there was going to be adversity and knowing that I would get through it built my resilience. That has been a skill that has served me well.

There is no way to escape adversity and there are an array of difficult challenges that we will face, so we might as well get on with accepting it and arm ourselves with tools and skills to help us better navigate the choppy waters. I am not saying that we shouldn't acknowledge our hardships and the wrongs that have been done to us as that is an important part of the healing and growing process, but being able to get through to the other side is where the greatest opportunity lies. Like they say, if you are going through hell, keep going.

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