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Beginning My Crystal Journey

Updated: May 22, 2022

The saying, "a crystal in your hand may be a rock in someone else's" is one of the first things that I learned about crystals. Not everybody reacts the same way to each crystal because people are drawn to different stones based on their needs and vibration level.

When walking into my first crystal shop in Sedona, AZ (crystal capital of the world), someone told me, just pick what you are drawn to. Don't read too much into the crystal's meaning. More than likely, what you select will be exactly what you need, whether you realize it now or later. Boy was that the truth!

Crystals For Beginners | Karen Frazier | Yoga Fashion and Self Care Blogger
Crystals For Beginners by Karen Frazier

I am usually very heady when I am learning something new. I want to know everything about it before I dive in and certainly before I make a decision or purchase. This was all new to me, and I have to say, also very appealing. Pick what you like, pick what you are drawn to and don't think about it too much.

On that visit, I made my selection based off what I was drawn to - Orange Calcite, Rhodonite and Jade. As the crystals sat in my home for several days and weeks, I started to make a connection to the things that I was struggling with in my life and the power of each of those crystals. The first, was the orange calcite which helps alleviate emotional stress and negativity. There was a lot of negativity in my household and things were reaching a boiling point, so I started grabbing for the Orange Calcite. Several weeks later, I was feeling uncertain about a financial decision my husband and I needed to make, so I reached for the Jade. Next came Rhodonite. This was the big one. I have been working on self love and owning my worth for some time. I didn't make the connection to the healing power of the crystal until I purchased the I am Worthy Mala Meditation Beads, which are also made of Rhodonite. While holding the beads and the stone, I had a major breakthrough on the source of this issue.

Even though I did not pick these stones for their healing power, each of them had a connection to my needs. For each hurdle, holding the crystal and looking at it as I turned it over and over brought me insight and peace. It was truly amazing!

After having these experiences, I decided that it was time to get educated and gain some knowledge on how to truly harness the power of crystals, so I purchased the book Crystals For Beginners by Karen Frazier. If you are new to Crystals, I highly recommend this book. It is an easy, straightforward guide to everything that you need to know. It gives you an introduction on how crystals get their power, how to start a collection, how to use crystals for healing and it provides a crystal prescription based off a list of needs. It also connects the power of meditating with crystals and how they are tied to balancing chakras.

Now that I have gained some knowledge about how crystals work and have a better understanding of how to harness their power, I plan to take the next step and use them to continue my journey of personal growth and to manifest my intentions.

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