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Connecting My Pain To My Emotional Healing

Updated: May 22, 2022

Lately I have been struggling with pain in my pelvic area that feels like the pressure and soreness that comes with a UTI. It is very uncomfortable. I have been to the doctor and despite numerous examinations and lab tests, they cannot seem to find the source of this pain. My friend Artist Nichole Rae of the Art of Daily Practice often refers to the book Heal Your Body A-Z by Louise L. Hay. to help her connect her body pain to her thought patterns.

Louise Hay is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with millions of books sold worldwide. For more than 30 years, she has helped people discover their internal power for self-healing. The book provides an A to Z directory of a variety of health issues, the probable causes and information on how you can overcome them by creating new thought patterns. It sounds a little out there, but think about this. When we get stressed, we get headaches, ulcers and tension in our muscles, so it makes sense to me that our mind does have power over the body and how we feel. This is something that I am becoming more and more aware of for myself.

My probable cause for the pain in my bladder is related to my anxiety, holding onto old ideas, fear of letting go and being pissed off. I suffer from all of these things (even the being pissed off), which is related to holding onto old things. My new thought pattern is to say out loud to myself whenever I am feeling this pain "I comfortably and easily release the old and welcome the new in my life. I am safe."

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