Everyday Bracelets That Carry A Comforting Message

Updated: Mar 15

I discovered Lucky Star Jewels a year ago while shopping at a boutique in Scottsdale, AZ. It was a simple but beautiful display of gold and silver beaded bracelets, each with a comforting message. The words Loved, XO, Kind, Trust, and <3, adorned these stunning bracelets.

I had been looking for something to go with my Apple watch as I felt that it needed a little feminizing. Apple watches are incredible tools and I wear mine every day, but I always feel like it looks so masculine. Don’t get me wrong, I can wear my man-ness like any other boss lady but when I wear something every single day, I want it to have a little more womanly style.

As I was looking through the bracelets and trying them on, I absolutely loved how they looked and felt on my wrist. The quality and weight was something different than other beaded bracelets and the best part, was that it was stretchable. YES! I was not wrangling to clasp on a bracelet. I knew that if it was this easy to put on, then I would actually wear it. I chose the XO bracelet, made my purchase and immediately put in on my wrist. No need for a bag for this one!

The bracelet has been an everyday piece for me and has held up for many workouts, grocery hauling, cooking and even an occasional gardening activity when I forget to take it off. But the unexpected bonus about this gold bracelet is that every time I look at my watch, whether it be to check the time, a text message or my stats on my workout, I read a comforting message. It sounds kind of silly, but seeing the words XO on this gold stretch bracelet several times a day is a very powerful reminder. During this crazy and stressful time, a reminder like that can be a day maker.

You can find these bracelets here at Luck Star Jewels.

About Lucky Stars Jewels:

Lucky Star Jewels are designed to mingle and layer and offer a variety of looks and styles that are both trendsetting and timeless. All Lucky Star Jewelry is of unparalleled quality made with 14K gold filled or .925 sterling silver and are lead- and nickel-free. Lucky Star Jewels are found at exclusive boutiques, spas/resorts and high-end department stores around the world.

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