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How Five Minutes Of Me Time Can Make A Difference

Updated: May 22, 2022

I am one of those people that cannot sit still for very long. My husband always teases me about our various road trips over the years and how when it is my turn to nap or get some rest, I jump in the passenger seat, recline my chair, shut my eyes and five minutes later I am back in the driver seat. It may sound ridiculous but even a five-minute break can make all the difference.

One of my latest, but most effective five-minute difference makers is the Five Minute Journal. It is a prompted daily journal that helps you start your day on a positive note and end your day focusing on the good things that happened. Truth be told, I am not always the best at completing the end of the day portion, but starting off my day with the right outlook, has been very inspirational and impactful.

So here is how it works. Each journal entry starts off with a positive quote which I find to be a key component to raising my own vibration. Well-expressed wisdom inspires me to up my game and is a powerful motivator for me to see it through. Following the quote, you have five personal statements for each day.

1. I am grateful for:

2. What would make today great?

3. Daily Affirmations. I am…

4. Three Amazing Things That Happened Today

5. How Could I have Made Today Better.

It is simple, and only takes a few minutes, but taking that time to express my gratitude and focus on the positive, changes my mindset and helps me to not get bogged down in the stresses of daily life. Of course, it doesn’t make everything pleasant, but I find that my state of mind and gratitude for the good, does impact my perspective and my ability to get through the tougher parts of the day.

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