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Updated: Jun 1

When it comes to jewelry, I am a deliberate selective minimalist. I don't have a diamond wedding ring and I don't own any fine jewelry. That being said, I am particular about style, quality and hate wasting money on poorly constructed products of any kind, including jewelry.

One of my favorite jewelry lines that I purchase regularly is Gorjana jewelry. Their line is in that nice sweet spot below overpriced fine jewelry and well above cheaply made costume jewelry. I own several of their pieces but my favorite go-to's are their necklaces. Made with plated 18K gold, there are simple, sophisticated and go with almost anything. I wear them at work, on date nights with my husband and even to my Barre workout classes. Who says you cant sweat in style! So when I say everyday, I mean everywhere and everyday!

The three pieces that I wear pretty much every week are the Parker necklace, Astrology Coin necklace and the Power Birthstone necklace (see new version below). These items dress up even the most casual of outfits and are not overwhelming when added with other jewelry pieces.

These necklaces are just three of many different styles to choose from. You can visit https://gorjana.com/ to check out their amazing selection of beautiful, versatile gold jewelry that will make a great addition to your everyday wardrobe.

Gorjana is a U.S. based company, located in Laguna Beach California and a percentage of their proceeds are donated each year to a variety of different charities.

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