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Green Witchcraft: Extracting The Healing Energy Of Herbs, Plants & Flowers

Updated: May 22, 2022

Arin Murphy-Hiscock states "Society is often uncomfortable with those who possess knowledge not held by the common man." Most things that make us uncomfortable do so because we do not understand or have knowledge about them, and witchcraft is no exception.

Contrary to popular belief, witchcraft isn't a religion and is not associated with one, it is a practice that involves using natural energies as an aid to accomplishing a task or goal. Green witchcraft uses the energy of nature to gain wisdom and provide modalities for everyday healing. So we can put our uncomfortable feelings aside, because practicing witchcraft is really just about using the earth's natural elements and most of us do some of this whether we label it witchcraft or not.

Over the years I have used lavender for relaxation and peppermint tea to relieve an upset stomach and it felt good to use a natural substance instead of a man made chemical. I am becoming more aware of the impact of putting chemicals into my body and wanted to learn about other natural treatments that I could incorporate into my wellness routine. I started researching natural plant remedies and stumbled upon the practice of green witchcraft and the book The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock.

The book provides a guide for how to extract the energy and healing properties of organic matter. You can make teas, incense, soap, and lip balms from plants to absorb their healing properties and cure common ailments. Did you know that rosemary oil helps with hair loss and that cilantro aids in digestion and removes heavy metals from the body?

You can also hold an herb or plant in your palm to sense and captivate its energy. Murphy-Hiscock provides a simple practice of cupping the plant in your palms and imagining your palm and the plant glowing until the two energies collide and then focusing on the sensations and any emotions that you feel during the experience. I did the exercise with a variety of herbs that I had on hand and found a strong sensation with rosemary. Rosemary's health benefits include purification, mental clarity, hair growth, etc. It is also known for its spiritual benefit of providing protection, which is a theme that keeps coming up for me.

Green witchcraft centers on being in harmony with nature as well as yourself and your community by embracing the power of nature and drawing on energy from the earth through natural objects. I have always felt at home in nature and find refuge in parks, forests, and my garden, so exploring green witchcraft is something that I will easily be able to incorporate into my wellness routine.

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