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Happiness Runs Free! A Comfortable Sports Bra

Updated: Mar 18

There is nothing worse than wearing a sports bra that is so restrictive that every time you take a breath you feel like your boobs are in a vice grip. I have literally cut the bottom of my bra to free myself from this uncomfortable experience, which by the way is not a good idea as there is no going back from doing this no matter how good of a seamstress you might be. The other issue that I struggle with when it comes to sports bras are the pads that they put in them. I don’t know about you, but when I am looking for a workout bra I am not looking to increase my cup size. Plus you cannot escape a machine washing without having to wrangle these things back in place.

Needless to say I am always on the hunt for a comfortable sports bra that provides coverage but does not restrict my movements or act as a push up bra. In my search I discovered Free People’s Movement Line. How ironic that the brand has the word “free” in it. I needed a free moving bra and I was hoping that this was the answer so I purchased the Happiness Runs Crop Tank Top.

Hallelujah! This was what I had been looking for! It was comfortable and fit like a glove. It has a ribbed material that has a slight compression for support but isn’t too tight. Also, there is no padding. In addition to the bra I also purchased the High-Rise 7/8 Length Good Karma Leggings which were equally as comfortable. Both items provided good coverage and support without sacrificing comfort.

I have always been a fan of Free People’s clothing and their new FP Movement line does not disappoint. High quality, fashionable, functional yoga clothing with no vice grip.

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