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Harnessing The Power Of Crystals

Updated: May 22, 2022

My son and I were outside loading up his car after a weekend visit, when he stopped and picked up what I thought was a white rock from the ground. He looked at me and said “Mom you have a crystal in your driveway, that’s really cool.” I asked him “What does that mean?”, he said “It means that you have good juju”.

I put the crystal in my pocket and watched him drive-way. Later that evening I pulled the crystal out of my pocket and wondered what was this was all about. I had heard about the power of crystals and decided that I wanted to learn more. I started searching the internet and ended up purchasing the book, Crystals: The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren. What I read in this book and what I now believe to be absolutely true is that the good juju, is REAL!

In Yulia Van Doren’s book, she writes that crystals are often referred to as 'wisdom keepers' and that they hold millions of years of the Earth's history within them. Through emitting steady vibrations, they help us to become more centered and balanced. The book features 51 of the most common crystals and gives you ways to harness each crystal’s energy. Whether you want to improve your relationships with rose quartz, reduce stress with amethyst or detoxify your body using smoky quartz, this book will serve as a guide to help you harness the healing power that these mystical stones have to offer.

I have incorporated crystals into my overall wellness strategy, placing them in various spots in my home. The most special of which is my little white crystal that my son found and gave me. I keep it with me in my purse and therefore it goes everywhere with me. As it turns out, the white crystal is considered a master healer, which is exactly what I needed most. The last several years have been a little rough when it comes to my personal life but having now made it through those trials and tribulations, I am focusing on healing and rebirth and this little white stone has definitely aided me in that process.

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