How Mindfulness Helps You & Your Children Cope

Updated: Aug 19

As a busy mom of two young toddlers, 10 minutes can honestly be hard to come by. Making those 10 minutes “mindful” seemed like a somewhat impossible task. Was the mindfulness supposed to fit in before or after the poopy diapers? During the poopy diapers? Was I somehow supposed to shop for groceries in a more mindful way all while wrangling my feisty one-year-old wild child through the aisles of my local grocery store?

I admittedly picked up Goldie Hawn’s “10 Mindful Minutes” during a busy chapter of any woman’s life, those first few years of motherhood that simultaneously drag on and fly by. Just to give you some perspective, I’m “writing” this article on my iPhone while applying my makeup in the drive-through of Starbucks as my daughter naps in the backseat of the car. I’ve got a conference call with a client in 1 hour and I haven’t had breakfast yet so like most days, I’m multitasking. (Is there a word for *super* multitasking? As in, doing more than two tasks at once… is that just called mothering?)