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How The Power Of Forgiveness Will Set You Free

Updated: Aug 24

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free & discover that the prisoner was you" - Lewis Smedes

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free & discover that the prisoner was you" - Lewis Smedes

What is FORGIVENESS - An intentional decision to stop being mad at someone for an offense, mistake, or flaw regardless of whether the person deserves it.

Forgiveness is an inescapable part of the human experience. We make mistakes, and sometimes we can be insensitive, unaware of how our behaviors affect someone else, ignorant of the plight of others, and selfish in our actions and viewpoints.

Being human is a condition that requires forgiveness, both in offering it to others and in receiving it. The sticky part is when we feel we have been wronged, it can be tough to forgive someone, especially if you think that the person you are offering it to forgive doesn't deserve it.

We often don't see that the primary beneficiary of forgiveness is ourselves. Forgiveness cuts loose an anchor that releases us from being held down by the offense, lifting us out of the muck of bitterness, resentment, and unhappiness. Not forgiving means staying a prisoner and having no path to move forward, keeping us stuck in a perpetual cycle of reliving the experience.

Choosing to forgive, begins the healing process allowing us to step out of the darkness and into the light of love, compassion, and grace. The only time we have is now. The past is over and the future is just an idea in our minds. We can release ourselves from the hurt, anger, and disappointment of the past and have a clean slate for our life today and our visions of the future.

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