How To Ditch Your Ego & Find Happiness

Updated: Jun 13

Have you heard the phrase “lead with love” or something with a similar notion? A life leading with love sounds great… almost like a fairytale, but how is that tangible?

A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson is the roadmap to your fairytale life of pure happiness. Whether you seek to improve your relationships, career/purpose, or overall well-being, this powerful book offers you the insights and actionable tools to live the best version of your life.

Did you know your happiness relies on your ability to quiet your ego and surrender yourself to a higher power? If you can learn how to give yourself over to a higher power (God or non-denomination), the missing piece of life’s abundance will make its way back to you. This isn’t about a particular religion or your beliefs (or perhaps lack thereof) for God, it’s simply about believing in what’s beyond this lifetime and the first step to that is believing in love. The Universe, the collective, God; it doesn’t matter what you call it, what’s more, important is being aware that we are simply tiny pieces to a much larger whole.

A Return To Love unlocks the driver of unhappiness: fear. Whether your unhappiness is driven by sickness, death, resentment, anxiety, depression, etc. when you strip away the details and look at life from a pure perspective, all bad things are rooted in fear. How much of your happiness and well-being rely on your partner, family, or those in your inner circle? Most of our negativity is a result of our experiences and attitude toward those around us. We are empowering those around us to oversee our happiness and we cannot control them, what they do, or how it has a ripple effect on our lives. Instead of handing the control of your happiness to someone else, give it over to a more powerful force that is aligned with your soul. If you find yourself on replay in your mind about people and situations in your life, it’s time to release those burdens around you and let God do the thinking for you.

Your best life doesn’t consist of struggling, fighting, resentment, disappointment… Williamson identifies the role of your ego, your fears, and your limitations as humans. It’s when those limitations are met, that miracles happen. It is no secret that many people find God when they hit their lowest of lows when all fears and hope are lost. It’s at this point that people realize God holds the power. When it comes to a higher power, don’t be afraid to make the ask because God wants us to live a life of happiness:

· Ask God to help you recognize the best in someone you are struggling with

· Ask God to guide your relationship, career, or new journey… be specific

· Ask God to help with your emotional healing

· Ask God to show you the path to your road of enlightenment

· Ask God to help you live in the present and see your life through the lens of a child

This book will shed light on the reminders you need to set you free from fear and resentment:

· Life is all about perspective, choose which lens you want to see life through

· Having anger in your heart only causes you pain

· Let go of your ego (what keeps you separate from others, the instinct for status and

power) along with society’s false expectations

· Life’s most valuable lessons are taught through hardship, be willing to let God guide


· The grudge you have kept continues to make you feel like a victim

· Empathy and understanding will guide and break your cycle of pain and lead to other

benefits in your life

· Upgrade your morning routines with prayer.

A Return To Love will teach you how to surrender to God, by clearing your mind of thoughts and through strategic prayer. Williamson will show you step by step how to find forgiveness. For example, one of her strategies is staying in the present through meditation because only the present can free you from the past. This book will help you let go, forgive, find a meaningful career path, achieve internal peace, live a life free of fear, and will offer the spiritual guidance you didn’t know you were seeking. If you are looking to find more happiness in your life (I’m curious who isn’t?), this book is for you.

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