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How To Get Answers Using Tarot Cards

Updated: May 22, 2022

My interest in the metaphysical world has long preceded my knowledge of it. I am a creative being, drawn to esoteric people, places, and things, and I love the quest to understand new ideas and alternative ways of doing things, especially if it is more efficient.

My introduction to Tarot Cards was on a college girls' trip to Minneapolis; it was a whole new world and one that I wanted to learn more about. What were these cards, and how does it work? Is this voodoo or some bad witchcraft that I should avoid? I was intrigued.

Tarot Cards have been around since the mid 15th century. Their European origins began as playing cards, and it wasn't until the 18th century that people started using them for divinatory purposes (Tarot. (n.d.). Wikipedia. People have been using them ever since to get guidance on what is happening in their life. Like prayer, it's a way to tap into your intuition and seek guidance from your higher power. I use tarot cards when my intuition is cloudy and I need answers. I have a hard time connecting through prayer, and utilizing these cards is a more effective way for me to seek God's counsel.

How To Get Answers Using A Tarot Card Deck

So how do you do it? First, you purchase a deck. Like everything else, Amazon has a ton of choices. I picked The Modern Witch Tarot Deck because of its contemporary illustrations and card descriptions. If you do not resonate with this deck, there are several others to choose from online.

There are 78 cards in the deck, a booklet explaining the meaning of each card, as well as a "how-to" on using the deck. The cards feature archetypes like The Magician, The Empress, The Fool, The Chariot, etc., which are easy to translate and reflect how we experience life. There are many different ways to do a reading but let's start with a simple introductory format.

  1. Clear The Deck - you will need to clear the deck's energy with a sage stick before using the deck for the first time. Tarot cards absorb energy, and you want to ensure that no one else's energy gets immersed in the deck during its travels. If you don't know how to do this, you can search online and find many YouTube tutorials.

  2. Determine What You Want To Ask Your Higher Power- what do you need guidance on? Think of your question and state your question out loud.

  3. Shuffle The Card Deck – think of your question as you shuffle the card deck. There is no wrong way to shuffle the deck. Once you have shuffled the deck, put the cards back together.

  4. Cut The Deck – think of your question and cut the deck into three sections. Then put the cards back together.

  5. Spread The Card Deck – think of your question, put your hand on top of the card deck, and spread out the cards. See the above photo.

  6. Pull Your Card – run your hand over the card deck back and forth, side to side, and stop where you feel the heat and or a desire to stop your hand. Pull your card, and flip it over on top of the fan of cards right above where you pulled it from the deck.

  7. Find Its Meaning – look up the card's meaning in the booklet.

Once you have read the card's meaning, contemplate how this relates to your question. Sometimes, the card may be the answer to another question on your mind and not the one you chose to ask. In my experience, the question answered was more important and pertinent to my life. If you need more answers, you can also pull another card, but it is best not to ask the same exact question.

I use my tarot cards regularly, sometimes once every few weeks and sometimes daily. I have found it to be an effective tool when I do not have the answer to something that is going on in my life. It helps me hone in on my intuition and receive divine guidance. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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