Hydrate Your Dry Skin: A Luxury Oil From A Mediterranean Flower

Updated: May 31

Have you ever noticed that people from the Mediterranean seem to never have dry skin? I always chalked it up to their access to water and humidity, but now I am wondering if it has something to do with Blue Tansy.

Herbivore's Lapis Facial Oil, which is inspired by the deep blue color of Lapis Lazuli, contains the essential oil blue tansy. Native to Morocco, the flower and its oil holds a component called Azulene, which aids in soothing dry irritated skin and reduces the appearance of redness. Growing up in ND, where it gets as cold as forty below zero and the wind never seems to stop, I always struggled with dry irritated and red skin. Since these conditions are not conducive to having hydrated supple skin, I was always on the hunt to find a good moisturizing cream or oil.

I have been a longtime fan of Herbivore Botanicals (see previous post Relax & Recharge With A Bathing Ritual) and recently heard about the hydrating properties of their Lapis Facial Oil. The beautiful blue color of this oil and the fact that its main ingredient is from a flower in the Mediterranean, sold me.

When I received my order I was pleased by the beautiful packaging (a Herbivore Botanical standard) and the stunning blue oil. I put it on my face and hands and felt the instant relief of having hydrated skin. It is the kind of skin care hydration that lasts most of the day which never happens for me. Usually creams and even oils only last a few minutes or an hour before my skin is dry again. Not the Lapis oil, it seems to have some longevity that is uncommon, in my experience.

The down side is that I am not a big fan of the scent. It has the smell of a wild flower, which is not my personal preference. An added bonus that I was not expecting is how the oil has helped my with my dry hands and cuticles. I have terribly dry hands, as you can see from my picture the day I received the oil. and using this oil daily has helped repair my poor dry cracked and scaly hands. I even feel like my skin looks younger which was definitely not something I was expecting but a welcome benefit.

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