I Am Worthy An Obvious Truth

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The quote "When you start seeing your worth, it’s harder to stay around people who don’t." is something that I didn't fully realize until I stopped hustling for my worthiness and started owning it. Owning my worth is something that I am only beginning to do more comfortably after years of self work, learning the hard way and getting tired of the fruitless and exhausting pursuit of seeking validation from others.

I Am Worthy Meditation Beads | Mala Collective | Yoga Fashion Self Care Blogger
I Am Worthy Meditation Beads from Mala Collective

I recently purchased these beautiful I Am Worthy Meditation Beads from the Mala Collective. The beads are made of Rhodonite and Rudraksha. Rhodonite is the stone of love accessing the heart chakra to aid in healing the heart and helping one achieve one's greatest potential. Rudraksha seeds grow on trees in South East Asia. In Buddhism, the seeds are believed to provide inner calm and free one from negativity. I have been working on self love and acceptance and the combination of these two energies are exactly what I need to dig deeper.

The affirmation reads as follows:

I Am Worthy.

I am deserving of all that I receive.

I am open to the flow of love, abundance, kindness, adventure and opportunity.

My heart is full knowing that I am worthy of all that enters my life.

While reading this affirmation, I started to think about worthiness. What does it really mean? I looked up the definition and was struck by the polarity of how difficult feeling worthy can be and the ease of attaining it once we really understand its meaning.

The definition of worthiness is the quality of being good enough. Suitability.

When you think about how much power there is in knowing your worth and all of the ways that that power impacts your life and then you read the definition, it's like one of those hidden object picture games. You are searching for the object and then in a flash you spot it realizing it was right there in front of your face. Being good enough, for who? Being suitable, for who? The obvious truth is, for YOU. You decide if you are worthy, nobody else.

The action step of feeling worthy boils down to standing firmly in who you are and living your truth. Be authentic. If you are authentic in your relationships, you will find friends and a partner that value and appreciate who you are as a person. If you are authentic in your career you will find a job for which you are well-suited which will lead to more success. Once you realize this and start acting on it, that's when the good things start rolling in.

I will say that there can be a price to pay for embracing your worth. There is the exchange that occurs with change. You give back something not suited in exchange for something that is a better fit. Those that don't value who you are, might not like it when you stand firmly in your truth. I recently upset a friend for speaking honestly about how I felt about something when she asked for my opinion. It was a touchy subject, but despite this, I answered her question. I didn't hold back speaking honestly just because it might not be what she wanted to hear. I answered with love in my heart and with probity. It felt good, even though I knew it might cost me or alter our friendship. I felt a sense of freedom knowing that what I said was congruent with my thoughts on the matter. If the friendship is lost because of this, well then it wasn't a relationship aligned with my value system or my worth.

I know that there will be losses along the way in my journey of standing firmly in owning my worth, but the gain will far outweigh the loss. Each time I assert my worth it gets easier and easier to do so. It feels great to say and actually know - yes this is for me!

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