Jewelry That Makes You Feel Like A Rock Star

Updated: May 31

They say that a thing of beauty is a joy forever and that beautiful things give pleasure that last even longer than the beautiful things themselves. That's how I feel when I find a piece of jewelry that dresses up my most casual of outfits. I am a casual attire kind of person, who the sneaker trend was perfectly made for. My philosophy has become that if I cannot wear jeans to where ever it is that I am going, I probably don't need to go at all.

That being said, I love it when I can combine casual with something glamorous. These necklaces from Gorjana are staples in my "dress it up but can still wear jeans" arsenal. I could be wearing a white t-shirt (a staple of mine) and some ripped jeans and when I add this necklace combo, I feel like a rock star. The Griffin Dog Tag Necklace and Parker Necklace from Gorjana can dress up any outfit and are also perfect to pair with a little black dress. These gold jewelry pieces will not break the bank either which is always a welcome purchase.

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