Manifesting Abundance with My Mala Beads Bracelet

Svadhisthana, the second chakra, is located in the lower abdomen and honors relationships, joy, creativity, and procreation. The feeling of isolation and loneliness creeps up on me from time to time, especially this last year and a half during the dystopian reality of living through a pandemic. As these feelings of loneliness bubble up into my consciousness, I make an effort to reach out and connect with my people. I have amazing friends, a supportive family, and an inspiring group of colleagues. Spending time with them reminds me of how abundant my life is and that loneliness is something that I don't need to experience when I make the effort to surround myself with loving, supportive, and inspiring people.

I purchased this I Am Abundance Mala Beads Bracelet and I am using it to channel my inner abundance by repeating my intention to have a life full of joy, inspiration, creativity, and strong relationships with loving good-hearted people. Every time I look I hold this bracelet it brings me joy just thinking about the many blessing I have had bestowed upon me.

This beautiful handmade stretch bracelet features Natural Matte Crazy Lace Agate Gemstone beads and a sterling silver sacral chakra charm and comes with a story card to remind you to set your intention to receive abundance.

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