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Updated: Jun 1

Many years ago, my sister and I were on a power shopping trip to find some new summer fashion. As we were trying on clothes, I went out into the main fitting room area to get her opinion on a pair of jeans. She had this horrified look on her face and instead of responding to whether or not she liked the jeans, she said "what kind of underwear are you wearing?" Needless to say she was not impressed that my oversized bloomer panties were sticking out on top of the low rise waistband. The rest of that shopping trip was spent in another store and in another department. LOL

That was my first mind shift to understanding to the importance of caring about what you wear under your clothes and how they are an important part of your couture. After all, I had to admit that the jeans looked a whole lot better when you could not see my panties sticking out - definitely an unneeded accessory. It makes sense that if wearing pretty dresses, sweaters and shoes that you love makes you feel better, it certainly applies to these base layers. Even more important, was how I felt putting on and wearing beautiful and sensual pieces of clothing. It was very empowering.

At the end of the day how we dress does impact how we feel. When I am wearing beautiful clothing that fits me and my style, I feel more put together, more on top of my game. When I start with a pretty bra and panty set, it just adds to the concoction and it doesn't take any more of an effort. We all have to shop for bras and panties, so instead of grabbing the ten pack, try something different. Its doesn't have to all be lace either, even a black cotton bra and panty set looks and feels more sensual than a nude one.

If you want some help in this department, I have found the Adore Me subscription box to be an easy and fun way to add some new pieces to your panty wardrobe. Like other subscription boxes, you can put in your preferences and only keep what you like. They have a great selection and some unique styles that I have yet to see anywhere else. Wearing pretty lingerie is all about investing in yourself and how you feel. This isn't for your boyfriend or husband, its for you. Give it a try and see how you feel!

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