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Relax & Recharge With A Bathing Ritual

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Scandinavians have a long history of using hot baths as a way to relax and recharge. The cold weather and dark winters are motivators to seek warmth and comfort especially after a long day of work.

This was a common practice for me growing up, so much so that we even had an outside version called a Nordic bath. Basically, it is a wooden hot tub that sits outside on your deck or patio. I remember many cold winter nights spent outside soaking in the hot tub, staring at the stars, telling stories with friends and families and then jumping in the cold snow! It was all a part of the ritual and pleasure of a hot soak.

Over the years I have incorporated many elements into my bathing ritual. I add various items depending upon how the day unfolds, my stress level and my mood. On days where my muscles are sore and stiff, Dr. Teals Pure Epsom Salt is my go-to. Epsom salt is known for its magically ability to sooth sore muscles and when you combine that with the revitalizing qualities of essentials oils into a hot bath, it is a completely restorative experience. On days where I feel like my skin is dry and scaly Herbivore Botanical’s Natural Coco Rose Body Polish or Crushed Amethyst Body Polish leave my skin feeling soft and supple. Other times lighting a candle, turning off the lights and turning on some background music are the perfect elements to relax and recharge my brain and my body.

No matter what the day brings adding a hot bath to your routine is a simple and inexpensive ritual that helps to melt away stress and soothe those aches and pain.

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