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Finding Inspiration Through Positive Affirmations

Updated: Aug 24

Speaking out about something is a very powerful action. When we do so it reverberates out into the world causing a ripple effect. How many times have you said something that you wished you could take back or not said something and kicked yourself for not doing so? What we say matters and shines a light on who we are as a person, what we value, how we see others, and most importantly, how we feel about ourselves. The older I get the more I realize the power of stating and affirming my beliefs.

A few years ago I had the good fortune of meeting someone, that not only would become a respected colleague, but also a close and dear friend. Her name is Artist Nichole Rae and her business is The Art Of Daily Practice. Nichole is a talented mixed media artist that creates beautiful inspirational prints that make you happy just looking at them. She is also a guide that leads a powerful practice that uses positive I AM affirmations to connect you with your thoughts and feelings, to bring healing into your life, and help you cultivate your inspiration and vision.

I have done several of Nichole's practices over the years and one of my favorite tools that she uses is her I AM Affirmation Card Deck. It is a creative tool containing 80 affirmation cards to strengthen and affirm the truth within you.

The practice is simple.

1. You hold and shuffle the card deck

2. Ask yourself what positive message do I need to hear today

3. Lay the card deck on the table

4. Choose one to three cards anywhere from the deck

5. Speak out loud each I AM affirmation

For me, speaking out these affirmations is a prompt to harness this assertion and remember that I AM and do behold these powerful truths. My card today was I AM Courageous which was exactly what I needed to speak out.

We have invited our friend Artist Nichole Rae to guide you through this practice in a short video. We hope that you enjoy this experience and that it will inspire you start your own journey of using I AM affirmations to strengthen the truth within you.


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