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Stopping The Spiral of Toxic Thoughts

Updated: May 22, 2022

I believe that Romans 12:2 which says “Be transformed by the renewal of your mind” is one of the most powerful scripture passages. Your thoughts and how you think about something have so much power over how you feel and how you experience life. I should preface by saying that am not a huge follower of the bible, but I do consider myself a Christian and believe that the bible contains a lot of wisdom on how to live a good life.

I recently picked up a copy of Jennie Allen’s Get Out Of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral Of Toxic Thoughts book. It was recommended by a friend for being one of those books that are life-changing. If you are new to the concept of mindfulness then yes, this book is exactly that. The overarching concept is that we are our thoughts, and when we start spiraling down a negative thought path it impacts how we feel and how we act, which affects our entire life.

Allen states that 60-80% of visits to primary care physicians have a stress-related component and that 75%-98% of mental, physical, and behavioral illnesses come from one's thought life. She draws on scientific research, teachings in the bible, and her own life experiences through which she discovered a way to retrain our mind to avoid negative thought patterns that keep us stuck.

She offers a practice of creating a mental story map to define your negative thoughts and identify all the things that contribute to them and then use your God-given power to confront and overcome them by rewriting positive thought patterns that lead to a different outcome.

This has been an effective tool in helping me to have a different perspective on my negative thoughts. I can stop and choose how I want to think, feel and act which changes the outcome. Allen says, “The greatest spiritual battle of our generation lies between our ears.” I couldn’t agree more.

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