The Impact of Extending & Receiving Grace

Updated: May 26

Saint Augustine said “For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.”

The non-religious definition of grace is unmerited favor or a disposition of kindness, courtesy, and clemency - all of which are cornerstones to the inherent nature of humanity.

Giving and receiving grace has the power to change circumstances and people's lives. I can think of several times in my career and personal life when grace was given to me at a critical moment, when it wasn't deserved and how it impacted and changed my life.

Whether it was an interview request through a colleague, help with my yard from a new neighbor, or knowledge from a stranger in navigating a home project, these acts plus countless others, had a positive impact on my life. The interview that my colleague helped me get, well I landed that job which ended up changing the trajectory of my career. My neighbor taught me how to care for perennials which fueled my love for gardening. My home project, well I ended up hiring someone because learning about the complexity made me realize that using a professional would save money in the long run. It also gave me confidence to take on a renovation which is now something I do for a living.

Sometimes acts of grace may seem small, but they are not small in impact. A simple smile, taking a few minutes to help someone, or offering your knowledge to a stranger can make a big difference to the recipient.

I am setting an intention to keep grace at the forefront of my mind and bring it to my daily interactions with friends, family and strangers. Wearing this trendy cropped muscle tank is the perfect reminder!

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