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Updated: Jun 1

My purse is like a free zone when it comes to allowing myself to have one messy place. Even though I clean out my handbag on a regular basis it still ends up full of papers, receipts, and all other kinds of stuff. Regardless of where I go or what my week looks like, this is always how it ends up, a big old mess.

The problem, is finding my keys, wallet or my phone when I need them. Its a daily battle and one with which I am tired of fighting. So I decided to invest in an organizer to help me keep the important items in one spot that is accessible and easy to find my "key" items...

I looked at many different options and tried a few of them, but was not thrilled about either the look or quality of those items, that is, until I stumbled across Truffle. Their eco friendly, clear, sleek Clarity pouches were exactly what I was looking for! Made from recycled plastic, a saffiano leather trim and gold plated zip closure, they come in a variety of different sizes and are absolutely beautiful!

The mini pouch is perfect for your keys and wallet, the small pouch fits my phone keys and credit card wallet and the large can hold all of the above plus my tablet. I am very pleased with the quality, the look and they have drastically improved my key finding issue in my purse.

Also, whenever we are able to travel again, these pouches will come in handy to keep all of my essential items organized in my travel bag.

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