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Understanding Your Child’s Unique Greatness Through Astrology

Updated: Jan 4

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I wondered what my baby would be like. Which traits will be passed from me? Which qualities will be passed from my husband? What kind of temperament will this bundle of joy have? What are the gifts this little babe will be born with? Which areas of parenthood will I be challenged with? The internal questions were endless during my pregnancy… but most of all I just couldn’t wait to meet this tiny human that I spent the last nine months dreaming about.

Astrology Readings for Families

The modern Zodiac Baby Book series written by Jen Neary is an absolute parental must-have! This series takes the ‘baby/children’s book’ genre to a whole new level and answered the numerous questions I had during my pregnancy and in the following years to come. Through this series you will have the opportunity to learn about a child’s character traits and unique greatness (before they even enter this world)!

I was gifted this book for my son’s second birthday and each time I read it, I start daydreaming all over again about what my son will be like as he continues to grow. It paints a beautiful picture of the characteristics your child has/will have and guides you on areas to best support your child.

Astrology books for moms to be

As a mom of two young boys, we have had many books cycle through our home in a short couple of years, but this