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Using An Oracle Card To Dig Deeper

Updated: May 22, 2022

When I am feeling unsettled, stressed or uncertain about an important decision I often turn to my oracle card deck. Oracle cards are often referred to as tools for self reflection, but for me the cards help me hone in on my intuition and connect with my subconscious mind.

This week I pulled the Unbound card from Rebecca Campbell's Work Your Light Oracle Card Deck. We recently moved and are living though a seemingly never-ending renovation that is over budget and behind schedule. My husband has childhood trauma from a financial loss that his parents experienced when he was growing up, so the over budget aspect of our renovation has triggered his insecurity making him moody as hell and angry at me for my expensive taste. To be fair, I have had my moments too, and he wasn't entirely wrong about my design choices. What concerned me was that this whole renovation experience was bringing up rotted parts of our marriage that had been buried without a proper burial.

So I went to my card deck and hoped that the card that I pulled would awaken my intuition on what I could to do to fix or mend what seemed to broken. The card that I pulled was the Unbound card - which is about releasing old patterns and past contracts that no longer serve you. I knew as soon as I read it that there was something that I needed to untether myself from, and I had a pretty good idea what it was.

Several years ago my husband and I went through a rough period. I don't want to get into the details, but the trauma that my husband experienced as a child was coming back like a nasty ghost haunting us and our marriage. The repercussions caused a lot of damage and created a debris field that was an overwhelming clean up project.

The Unbound card states that it is time to release old stories that have been playing out in your life that are coming up to be healed. When you name them, you claim them and they stop holding power over you. My unbinding was locked in my fear and insecurity that prevented me from addressing the dysfunctional patterns in my marriage that had developed after my husband's reckoning with his past. I had been too scared to address them because I was terrified of what the consequences would be. I was playing small and took the easy way out.

Was finally addressing this really due to an oracle card? Yeah it kinda was. The cards are not a real oracle per se, but they offer a prompt to your unconscious mind to dig deeper if you are open to doing so and willing to do the work.

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