Ward Off Evil Spirits With A Symbol Of Protection

Updated: May 31

Like many of my friends, I have had this nagging feeling that 2021 was not going to be any better than 2020. As much as I want to put it out of my mind, and focus on manifesting positivity, I also want to be prepared and protect myself from what seems to be a forthcoming reality.

In my search for peace, calm and shelter from this unsettling time, I recently discovered the Evil Eye Symbol. My only previous experience with the evil eye, was me giving it to my mother when I got in trouble, and then quickly regretting it. But a few weeks ago I came across it on a bracelet from my favorite jewelry store, Gorjana. I had not heard of it before and asked the person what it meant. She told me that the evil eye stems from a superstitious curse dating back to the classical Greek time period. The legend is that misfortune is cast off by a malevolent glare to people unknowingly. The evil eye symbol is a talisman, which is designed in the shape of an eye and its purpose it to ward off these curses and provide spiritual protection.

Jewelry - Best Jewelry 2021 | Evil Eye Charm by Gorjana
Evil Eye Charm by Gorjana

I am not a huge believer in ancient Greek mythology but the ancient Greeks were some of the greatest philosophers in history, and I do believe in evil spirits. So with that in mind, I decided a little protection is never a bad thing and added this little charm to my bracelet.

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