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Leverage Your Karmic Gifts

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"The signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver." - Edgar Cayce

Leverage your karmic gifts! You were born with incredible gifts and innate abilities. Our psychology-based astrology coaching program will help you understand these capabilities giving you the knowledge to reconcile your past, energize your present, and create a future where you can reach your highest potential and fulfill your soul's promise.

We will utilize your birth chart information, your progressed moon lens, and the current planetary movements to understand the best path forward with your goals and desires.


You will have three 50 minutes sessions over the course of three months that will take place via a Zoom phone conference.  You can book your first session now and we will schedule the remaining sessions at our first meeting. Please read our Cancellation and Refund Policy by clicking here.

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